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Service Overview

Garrick Services Pest Control specialises in providing high-quality pest and vermin control and proofing services to clients in HA8 , Edgware and North West London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, as well as surrounding areas. Our work covers rodents (i.e., house mice, rats and grey squirrels), crawling pests (i.e., cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs and ants), flying pests (i.e., feral pigeons and corvids, wasps, flies and moths) and more.

We take pride in delivering fast, discreet services that use the latest methods in control and prevention. Our team of certified and professionally trained technicians will fully inspect your domestic or commercial property to assess the type of infestation level and the pest/s and/or vermin causing it. Additionally, we ensure that we tailor our work according to your specific requirements. Request a free quote by contacting us today!